One of the things that got me comfortable with my body was the chance to own it.

Because I get tiny symbols on my skin it doesn’t mean I disrespect my body. On the contrary, I highlight places that mean something to me. A place that catches light often. A body part I want to love more. A symbol that documented a change in how I treated myself. An homage to how I see time, the world, an inside joke with myself, a self-bestowed body embellishment lacking shame and guilt.

I took parts that hurt, scared parts, doll-perfect parts. But in the end: the best Ownership of a scar that which is uncomfortable and that I try to accept. I go to a specialist to work on my inner self, but my outer self is what I decide based on those realizations. In my tattoos, I am discreet, loving, and decorating my vessel, my body, how I want at a certain point. Sleep on it or be spontaneous–you must realize that everything on our skin is as permanent as the choices we make.

Many are uncomfortable with visual representations because they are just that: visual. Confronting us. But if you can own your choices and life and get something that flows with your heart and aesthetic and soul at the moment you need it: own it. It’s a ‘scar’ you choose. It’s your body canvas and your urge. The truth is: nothing is forever here. Our choices and decisions are more defining than a piece of body art. And a little ink is a beautiful thing.


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